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Procreate 101

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Procreate 101


What if you could learn a new skillset? What if you could create products with your artwork? What if you started an at-home business? What if it were easy? Course Description: Procreate 101 -  Mastering the Basics You are nine modules away from mastery! Course Description: Procreate 101 - Mastering the Basics Welcome to Procreate 101: Mastering the Basics, a comprehensive course designed to transform your digital art journey! This course is meticulously crafted into nine engaging modules, each focusing on essential aspects of Procreate. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this course will empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to create stunning digital artworks- and - perhaps- even launch you into your own entrepreneurial, work-at-home business! Module 1: Navigating the Gallery Procreate gallery : Importing files and photos, Master the selection tools, Explore the magic of organizing your work with stacks. Discover the secrets of efficient file management and streamline your creative process. Module 2: Creating the Perfect Canvas: DPI, Proper canvas sizing, The critical choice between CMYK and RGB color modes. Learn the art of manipulating your canvas, Avoid common pitfalls, Why you should steer clear of the "Screen Size" default canvas in Procreate. Module 3: Mastering Brushes and Tools Brushes are the heart of digital art, and this module will transform your understanding of them. Explore the vast world of brushes, Smudge tools, Erasers, Opacity, Brush size adjustments. Master the art of undo and redo, essential tools that guarantee your creative freedom. Module 4: The Color Wheel Demystified Dive deep into the realm of color theory. Understand the nuances of the color wheel, Discover how it influences your artwork.

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Procreate 101

Procreate 101

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