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Digital Drawing School : Shading/Value

A full visual arts curriculum : with a digital twist!

  • Starts Feb 25, 2025
  • 160 US dollars
  • Concord

Available spots

Service Description

Does your student spend hours drawing on their iPad or android tablet? We can use these devices as we learn more about the elements and principles of design in art. Your child can get a rich art curriculum, with different brushes and mediums - all from their tablet or iPad! In the "Drawing School" series we will explore different elements of drawing. In "Value and Shading" we will look at light sources and how shadows are cast, the different types of shadows and highlights and how to "get it right" when sketching. **This class assumes an understanding of whatever digital app your student works in! I will not be teaching the apps in this class, rather USING the apps to explore art history through the various mediums and methods they provide** if your student needs to learn how to use Procreate or Ibispaint, please see my Intro series before enrolling in the "Drawing" classes! Through the eight weeks of our study of value we will define value and work with different means of creating value. We will work with hatching, cross hatching, stippling and scribbling as we explore different value scales. Additionally, we will look at abstract value composition. Week 1: Stippling, hatching, cross hatching and scribbling value charts, Stippling practice while changing light sources. Homework: Same three objects with hatching, cross hatching and scribbling. Symmetry bug Week 2: Cast shadow, form shadow, reflective highlight with shading, stippling, hatching. Use these principles to draw from reference photo, Homework: Finish classwork, Symmetry bug Week 3:Shading shiny objects and blending. Homework: Symmetry bug and shiny object Week 4: Value in objects Dark to light - adding volume and dimension with charcoal (available on the drawing apps) Homework: Finish classwork, add color, symmetry bug, Week 5: Shading exercise with emphasis on reflective light and cast shadow using artist crayon (available in drawing app) Homework: Finish classwork, bug symmetry Week 6: Micrography Homework: Finish classwork, symmetry bug, Week 7: Abstract Value Composition, blending and mandalas Homework: Finish classwork, symmetry bug Week 8: Mandala with line for value. Color optional. Homework: Bug symmetry, finish classwork. **Again, this class assumes an understanding of the chosen digital srawing app! I will not be teaching the apps in this class, rather USING the apps to explore art concepts through the various mediums and methods they provide**

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Full refund if you withdraw from a class within 24 hours of payment, including the initial sign-up. This includes 1-on-1 classes, group classes, and weekly enrollment in group classes. You can also receive a refund for your most recent payment if you withdraw within 24 hours of purchase before the first meeting of the payment period. However, you are no longer eligible for a full refund once your first class meeting begins. Stopping your subscription after class begins or after the 24 hour period will stop any future charges, but will not result in a refund of your most recent payment.

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  • Concord, NC, USA

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