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​Lisa Albinus

I am a story teller who commands

color, texture, and light 

to do my bidding, 

as I bring my characters

to life.

Let me teach you

everything I know!

OCD By Lisa Albinus
Slow Down original artwork by Lisa Albinus


Lisa Albinus Photo

 Everything I create revolves around story telling and the characters that whisper their secrets to my pen. While creating, I find that I delight in the nuances and the interests of the characters as they develop. 

I find my self exclaiming and chatting with these creations as they come to life - creating the world and environments that they demand. I love that I get to do this world as an artist and create - every.single.day. I am living the dream!


I hope to inspire other artists to join me on my travels, as we encourage, learn and grow together through my classes and communities. 

My Specializations

Creative Solutions and Services

Specializing in creating engaging characters and colorful illustrations that delight audiences, young and old alike. Lisa  takes the time to create unique and original character designs that will capture the imaginations of readers and bring your stories to life.

Lisa Albinus is a talented artist and licensor, offering both collections and individual pieces. She is proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and is always ready to tweak colorways to fit the needs of her clients. Find out more about her projects and how she can help you with your licensing needs.

Lisa focuses on the nuts and bolts of art programs rather than just providing the fluff. She provide her students with the tools and techniques to help them become the best artist they can be. If you’re looking for an intense and rewarding art experience, I invite you to check out her classes.

Lisa provides comprehensive book production services, offering years of experience in interior and cover design, llustrations, and editing,

With a one-stop-shop approach, Lisa Albinus provides concept-to-published-book services that provide the full package needed to get your book to the public.

Lisa Albinus character Desin original avatar
Ouch OCD Lisa Albinus


Las Laguna Gallery Lisa Albinus
Over 50 Show Biafarin Lisa Albinus
 Emotions Biafarin Lisa Albinus
Childhood Biafarin Lisa Albinus

I would love to speak with you about licensing my work to enhance your product lines! 


© Copyright 2022 by Lisa Albinus. All work on site is copyrighted through Copyright House. Do not copy, share, reproduce without permission.
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