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Frequently Asked Questions!

Why self publish?

  • Profit - Maintain your own profit margins

  • Control - Every aspect of your book is up to you! We will guide and suggest- YOU will decide!

  • Legacy - Sharing what you have learned, building your career, or leaving a family legacy are all admirable motives.

  • Ownership - You maintain all rights to your book. 


What is a ghost-writer?


Maybe you have an important story to tell, but you just don’t have the time or expertise to write a manuscript yourself—ghostwriting may be just the service you need! Let one  our experienced PHCS ghostwriters help you transfer that praiseworthy idea floating around in your head, onto handheld paper to be published. Best of all, this anonymous partnership is confidential, so you’ll get all the credit as the author! (Please speak to us, through your book proposal,  for more details.)


What size can my book be? 

This is entirely up to you, but generally speaking a children’s book is roughly 8 x 8 or 12x12,  and the standard size for a paperback is usually 6 x 9. Again, this is entirely up to you. When you create your book through PHCS, you run the show and choose what you like best!

How is the retail price set for my book?

You will get tired of hearing it, but this is entirely up to you! We will encourage you to keep your book competitively priced and at fair market value, but ultimately that decision is up to you!

What profit margin can I expect from the sale of my book?

This is entirely up to you, you maintain control for setting your wholesale costs, your retail costs and your bulk costs.  You set the price, thus setting your own profit margin!


How do I order books?


I will set up an account for you through a popular printing company.  All online sales will be funneled through this printer. All of this is seamless for the author. Books orders for Amazon are supplied by the printer – the author only needs to receive the profits directly into their checking accounts! Books ordered for physical sale are handled by you and are shipped directly, to you, from the printer. You will get monthly royalties from online sales deposited directly into your account. You will have complete control over purchasing your book orders and having them shipped wherever is necessary. I CREATE your masterpiece- you sell it and hold your profits!  

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