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Stage Painting


Worship is defined as "showing adoration, reverence and honor".


For me, when I do a stage painting I begin praying weeks (sometimes months)  before the event for the Scriptures that He is working through. As He highlights the Scriptures, He begins to plant images in my heart and mind.  I begin sketching and studying, combining paint and pen, to hear the message He is bringing for each specific event.


It is a Holy dance that He continues to lead and invites me into.


On the stage the dance is displayed for all to see. The painting becomes a table where He invites others to partake in the Scripture and the image. A table that breaks down religious barriers, hurts and offenses.


At this table we are invited into conversation in a non-threatening  environment.


What does the painting mean to you?

It is always personal.It is always different.

It is always an honor to hug and pray with those He touches. 

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