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Why Color In Your Bible?

I have been reflective of my new relationship with Bible Journaling.  After years of teaching Journaling through nationwide workshops, church trauma caught up with me.  It  just couldn't be ignored any longer or swept under the rug.

Everything I once knew could no longer be trusted. 

It was the gentle call into a Bible Study with close friends that started to wake me up.   The Scriptures are what I needed the whole time.  The Scriptures are where I found Him and His peace - but none of the manipulation and control. He was patiently waiting to be found by me once again. 

Bible Journaling isn't just about coloring or painting pretty pictures. I have the chance to find my way back to God through  the Scriptures and creativity and....I want to invite you into that experience.


I don't know where you are on your faith walk - the only thing I know is that we keep walking until we take our last breath on this earth and enter into eternity. 


Would you like someone to walk with?

Someone who isn't about control or manipulation?

Someone who wants to love the world recklessly and splash it with color?


Me too.


Is It OK To Color In My Bible?

This is the single, biggest question I am asked....

here are my thoughts.

I have a study Bible, my best friend Bible, that I have worked out of for years. It is dog-eared and worn, well loved and has seen me through many a trial. 


I purchase old Bibles in Good Will to journal in.  I always look for a different version to explore and I watch for thick, juicy pages  that will support the weight of water and different mediums.  (Older Bibles have gorgeous paper weight!)

In these treasures I journal my heart and the visual conversation that I am having with Jesus and it enhances my spiritual growth.

There are some that will not deface the Word of God- I get it - that is still so OK! Grab a heavy weight journal and work out of a journal!!  The idea is daily conversation, not where  the conversation takes place.

As of late, I have switched over to Digital Bible Journaling as it allows me the space to study translations, take notes on podcasts, add in extra pages and give me LOTS of room to grow. 

What Are The Advantages Of Bible Journaling?

Imagine a new way to engage with Scripture, where you use all of your senses to delight in the Word of God, and experience Him in ways you have never imagined. Through color and creativity the scriptures come alive within the confines of your Bible or journal.

The science behind this:  One can not reach greater thoughts and create new thought patterns by “thinking harder”. The right brain offers intuition and inspiration, the left brain color and creativity.  When the right brain, and left brain, UNITE in study,   revelation springs forth.



Art and creativity are  an experience.

Can you experience an amusement park wrong?


Can you experience a sunset wrong?


This thing we are after is about

experiencing the presence of God is a whole new way. 

You can not do this wrong.



There is no wrong.


"...'Ok I love u Lisa more than words because u have always encouraged me to paint and draw to express myself but have to say I have zero talent and I know this but you have worked with me time after time and the true gift is that the scriptures are staying in my head and heart like never before. My depictions are not the best but do help me to remember those Important words. Here is to those who feel they have zero talent in this genre...draw, trace, paint, copy, use pictures from a book, napkins, articles, flowers (real and fake) and I promise u before time you will be amazed at how much u have learned and also how proud you are of yourself for what u have done. I was shown all this by Lisa and she gave me the confidence I needed to start and continue on this (Psalms) journey and you are not too late, there is always time to start this project or journey just say u need help and we are there to help..." -Suzy

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