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The BeeHive Chronicles : A Year Long Sketching Adventure

I want to invite you into my daily routine.

There is one thing that I do every.single. day- without fail, no matter the weather, my mood, my surroundings----

I sketch for a half an hour.

Don't get me wrong - I draw for endless hours each day - but these "work" drawings/paintings are intentional and usually serve a purpose and/or an end goal.

My sketching is just for me - to improve, to limber up, to stretch my muscles and to explore things I am not used to. To learn, grow and explore as an artist. They are not perfect, they are not pretty - they are my space to learn - and learning isn't always linear or perfect! 

The Bee-Hive Challenge is a YEAR LONG, FREE daily challenge.  There are weekly live Twitch Streams to help you out and

a once a month Zoom call to really get in and answer questions.


Would YOU like to join me on the journey? 

Live Zoom Class
Feb 19th, 2024
11am est, $19.99
Watercolor Procreate 101

Recorded Class: Procreate 101:


If you are considering studying digital art with me - hands down- I suggest you take this class before any other class.

This recorded class (do it at your own pace - you will have lifetime access) is my most comprehensive, deep dive into Procreate - short cuts, tips, tricks and problem areas for most students.

You WILL learn it all!

Start here - and let's see how far we can go together! 

Private Session 1/2 hour



I know that emailing me about taking

a one-on-one class can be intimidating. 

I know that sometimes the word "artist" doesn't feel right - yet.

I know because I have been there and

I send you hugs.

I am a safe place to learn and ask questions - no question is silly or too small.

Ten seconds of bravery - email me - and let's do this artistic thing together. ❤️

Watch this space for classes coming soon ---
I am recording my little heart out!!


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