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I know that booking

a one-on-one class can be intimidating. 

I know that sometimes the word "artist" doesn't feel right - yet.

I know because I have been there and I send you encouragement.

I am a safe place to learn and ask questions - no question is silly or too small.

Ten seconds of bravery - let's do this artistic thing together. ❤️

How do I safeguard my learners? 

  • I still offer limited classes on Outschool, ensuring that I have gone through their yearly,  rigorous SSN-based background check for identity verification and criminal record checks. 

  • "Meet The Teacher" ensures that all of my students have been verified and are who they say they are, and the ages they have provided me with.

  • All Zoom meetings  are password protected to ensure only teachers and students can access them. Additionally, meetings are customized to give control to teachers (not students) over who enters the classroom, as well as basic functions like screen sharing and audio/video, which allows teachers to take swift action in the event of a problem arising in class (waiting rooms, removing student, muting should the immediate need arrive).

  • A responsible adult (who you designate)  should monitor your learner’s participation in our online classes. Learners interact with the teacher and other learners over group video chat or by posting and commenting in the classroom. 

  • Please reach out to me privately with any questions or concerns that you, or your student has about any of the classes that I offer!

  • Creating a safe learning environment starts with my commitment and extends to the active participation of my students and their parents in ensuring safety for all. It's a collaborative community effort where everyone plays a role in maintaining a secure and supportive atmosphere.

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