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One of the joys about being an Illustrator/Designer - is that the Holidays know no bounds! I get to create elves and witches, bunnies and burgers year round- in the following pages you can see my delight in celebrating all of the Holidays...for me- they are about family, tradition and celebrating the bonds that tie us together. 

Enjoy these one-off pieces that are not, yet, part of a collection.

Untitled_Artwork 2 copy.jpg

At the risk of sounding trite -Christmas IS the best time of the year. With my children older and starting their own traditions, I savor the season that brings all of us together, as we celebrate new traditions and old. All of it is magical - The TV shows, the recipes, the songs, and the family gathered around the table- laughing, sharing, and feasting.

These are one-off pieces to get you feeling jolly - no matter the time of year! 



Halloween is everything Fall related for me- just thinking of the Fall makes my heart glad. In the southern US, the summers are HOT- Fall is a break from that heat, a chance to reset and find new beginnings.  It ushers in the cooler weather (not always in NC!), lattes, pies, sweaters and---- a chance to let our imaginations run wild in our designs and illustrations. 

I love teaching this time of the year- as my students are always the best source of inspiration and ideas. 

All featured artwork is available for licensing

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