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Imagine, if you would, that you saw something out of the corner of your eye. You cast your full gaze upon the Lilly of the Valley that grows alongside the stone wall. Did you just see something move?  Did you see that?  You bend over - nose to nose with the delicate flowers and their smell fills your senses with Summer and freshness--and you see it.----were they always there-- under our noses, dancing in the sunshine? The " Lily of the Valley Garden Fairies " dance in tune with the songbirds that surround them, alive and well, stretching themselves out into the sunshine, in tune with nature and all that slow down to find them.
I am a local artist in a small town in North Carolina.  I love to create art that implies a greater meaning.  In this print - our subject is possibility - what is under our noses, that we can miss with our hurried schedules? What happens when we slow down to find the magic in the everyday??

I hope you get as much joy from displaying this print, as I did in making it through digital painting:-) 

This item is a print on demand item and requires 3 business days for your giclee print to be made- and 4 -5 days for shipment. Please keep this in mind and order early so that you have plenty of time to frame and matte thjis beautiful print! 


Lilly of the Valley Garden Fairies Giclee print

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