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Recorded Class: Procreate 101:


If you are considering studying digital art with me - hands down- I suggest you take this class before any other class.

This recorded class (do it at your own pace - you will have lifetime access) is my most comprehensive, deep dive into Procreate - short cuts, tips, tricks and problem areas for most students.

You WILL learn it all!

Start here - and let's see how far we can go together! 

The course was brilliant.  It works so well having an artist to show you round the features, selecting the most useful things.  Then putting them into practice.


Interested in Homeschool classes?  Private classes and turoring? 
Let's connect! 
I have a full Visual Arts Curriculum...with a digital twist!

All 0f my classes are presented digitally, allowing your student to learn the elements and priciples of design, character design and illustration,  art history, and so much more- while competing in the global rise in the education of digital art.

Let's connect and work out the class/time that works for you! 


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Reviews Welcome! 

My hope is to continue evolving and growing as a teacher by

helping others realize their creative dreams.

I hope you enjoyed your classes!  

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